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    Anybody need it??


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    Anybody need it??

    Post  ktwedt on February 18th 2010, 6:12 pm

    I have a lot of the following merchandise. Let me know if you could use it- I would pay shipping Smile I also have pictures if you are interested.

    --Coach-inspired bags-- Coach isn't super popular in my market so let me know if it is in yours!
    --Gucci Inspired bag-- comes in red, brown, tan, and black..I have plenty of each color if your interested
    --The 3rd bag that I have a lot of come in metallic, purple, and black, double straps, crossed stitch patterned in the front...
    --Louis V inspired bucket bag-- it's 2 bags in one

    --Ed Hardy inpired dresses and coats
    --Stylebook pink or black shirt with tie waist--

    That's it for now-- let me know if your interested in anything.


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