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    Marketing Ideas


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    Marketing Ideas

    Post  ktwedt on February 16th 2010, 8:00 pm

    I guess I'll be the first to share...

    When I first opened I felt the best marketing was a mixture of emails, radio, print, and even a little TV. I spread it around to hit a broad range of people. After being open a few months I toned those down and I now focus more on Networking which is very effective and cheap!

    - Emails
    - Facebook
    - Drawings- I do a monthly drawing to get people to sign up for the email list.
    - $5 gift certificates- I give away these to waitresses, people at starbucks, clerks, friends of friends, etc. I am amazed at how many people come in the store just because they have the gift certificate and they usually spend way more than $5.
    - Discount Referral Program-- this is a new thing I'm trying which was Jenn's idea. It's a referral card to give to customers. It looks a lot like the punch cards but say-- "Give this to a friend who hasn't been to Bella yet and they will receive 10% off their purchase, put your name at the bottom and you will receive (so much) off your next purchase. People seem very excited about it!

    I feel at the beginning for me it has been so much about just getting as many different people in the door and then getting them to sign up for the drawing so I have their email and mailing address.

    Does anyone else have any other marketing ideas? Specifically networking ideas or things that don't cost a lot of money??


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